Saturday, 1 February 2014

Valentine Photoshoot Family Tradition

The 1st of February!!!! Where did January go too??
2014 is of to an amazing start!

To celebrate the Month of Love, 
we always do a mini Valentine themed photo shoot. 

I love looking back at the previous years photos...
it brings back sweet memories and reminds me just how much and how quickly the Butterballs are growing.

It makes me want to make the most of each and every moment that I spend with them because all too quickly they will be 'grown up'

Here's a little trip down memory lane...

Valentine photo shoot 2013

 Last year, I went the whole nine yards!
backdrop, coordinating outfits, photo-props, 
the works!
The Butterballs loved the heart lollipops
and they thoroughly enjoyed eating the pink, red and white sprinkles that I dished out for them!

This year, I didn't have time to plan an elaborate shoot 
so I had to settle for these pics instead.

Valentine pics 2014

Not fancy but still,
its photos of my Butterballs so I LOVE them
...regardless of the lack of 'bells n whistles'
I wanted the pics to reflect a bit of their personalities so I chose appropriate props.
Cars for Ethan cos he's mad about anything on wheels
and confetti for Tamlyn cos she's into all things girly!

They have grown so much.
And I am ever so thankful that they still love the camera.
Heaven forbid that should ever change!!!

Happy 1st of February my Butterballs!!!

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