Friday, 28 February 2014

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt- After Dark

My little Butterballs used to be afraid of the dark...
until Dad bought them little flashlights of their very own.
Now they love exploring the house when all the lights are off...
Great that they are not afraid of the dark...
not so great when you turn off the lights at bedtime 
only to find two little spots of light dancing around the room.
(they have the perfect hiding spot for their flashlights- under their pillow!)

We decided to do one last consolidation rainbow exercise -
a scavenger hunt using their flashlights.

I cut out a paper cloud and had the Butterballs cover it in cotton wool.
I then cut a few lengths of ribbon
 (the same ones that I used for the ribbon sticks)
into 20cm lengths and add a bit of double-sided tape to one end.
After covering one side of the double-sided tape with cotton wool, 
I stuck the cloud onto the playroom wall and  assembled my troop for a briefing.

Aim : Find all 6 ribbons in the dark, using only your flashlight. 
Stick the ribbons onto the cloud on the playroom wall.
The ribbons need to be stuck in the correct order.
Listen out for Mama's "hot and cold" directions to help find the ribbons.

The Butterballs love searching for stuff using the 'hot or cold' cues.
Also this activity reinforces : counting skills
-once started, they gotta work out how many ribbons are still to be found.
-color identification
And of course - the correct order of the rainbow colors.

I sent them upstairs with Dad while I stuck the ribbons all over the room.
At last everything was in place.

Lights, Flashlights, ACTION

The Butterballs ran around giggling so loudly
 it was a wonder they could hear me shouting Hot or Freezing!!!

Please excuse the quality of the pics 
- shooting in the dark, in the middle of a fit of giggles 
doesn't lend itself to perfect photography...

After hunting down each and every ribbon, 
Tamlyn arranged them in the correct order
 while Ethan ran off to hunt for Dad with his flashlight.

A fun, energetic activity to end our rainbow learning - for now...
so until the next time I receive a rainbow colored in Black and shades of brown...

Life is like a rainbow, 
you need both the sun and the rain 
to make it's colours appear!

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