Monday, 24 February 2014

Rainbow Sticks Active Play

Tamlyn loves watching gymnastics and ballet.
She also loves imitating those graceful moves so for today's activity I decided to make the Butterballs rainbow ribbon sticks.

I used the dowel stick that was attached to our rainbow pinwheels.
So convenient!! 
The sticks were sanded and had a neat little hole drilled into the end.

You can always purchase a dowel stick from the hardware store and sand it on your own...if you don't have a pinwheel stick lying about ;)

Next I threaded 6 narrow ribbons through the little hole and secured it with a double knot.

The ribbons were 2 meters long but Tamlyn asked me to shorten them. So they are now roughly 1.2 meters long. Just the right length for my little Butterballs.

She loved dancing and twirling around with the ribbon stick.
We even played 'cloud hopping'

I set 4 hula hoops on the grass  as clouds
and Tamlyn jumped from cloud to cloud 
waving her ribbon stick as she did so.

Instant rainbows :)))

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