Sunday, 16 February 2014

Rainbow 'horror' story

We are halfway through the month of LOVE. 
Valentines Day was awesome,
 my darling husband and the men from our special group of family and friends surprised us ladies by organising a Dinner and Dance on Friday night! dinner was really a braai... 
it was still awesome and a really sweet gesture!
 Dining outside under the stars...
toasting marshmallows over glowing coals 
and dancing to soppy love songs under a full moon
... really special ... can't wait for our next Valentine celebration!

In the mean time,
 the Butterballs did an amazing craft at Sunday School today.

They learnt all about Noah and the Ark, the Great Flood and the Rainbow.

Their Sunday School teacher helped each of them color in their own rainbow and stick pieces of cotton wool at the ends to make fluffy, white clouds.
Just too cute !
(of course anything the Butterballs make is 'just too cute' to me) 

The only problem was...the rainbow!
The Butterballs colored in a VERY unique rainbow.
I didn't expect them to color within the lines perfectly,
but I did hope that their rainbow would at least resemble a proper rainbow.
Imagine my horror when they arrived with masterpieces that were colored in pink (that was Tamlyn of course!) and shades of brown and black!!

But I can't blame them... its my fault.
I didn't teach them about the colors of the rainbow,
an oversight which I intend on correcting very soon.

So its off to pinterest I go, in search of rainbow activities...

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