Thursday, 30 October 2014

Candy Science Experiment: Melting Candy

During our Expanding Candy experiments, the Butterballs got to see the effects of water on two different types of candy.

Today we decided to test a few boiled sweets and find the ideal conditions needed to dissolve them.

 First we tried dissolving the candy in water.
The Butterballs filled one test-tube with warm water and the other test-tube with cold water. 
Using the tweezers, they added two green boiled sweets to the test-tube with cold water 
and two red boiled sweets to the test-tube with warm water.

After a few minutes the warm water began to turn red as the candy slowly melted.
The cold water with the green candy took a long, long time before it changed to a pale green color.

Wouldn't the candy melt faster if we put it in a pot on the stove? asked Tamlyn 
Ethan 'then we grow red rock candy!'

 For the next experiment, the Butterballs filled 4 test-tubes with warm water. 
They helped me crush two boiled sweets which they added to 2 of the test-tubes.
They placed whole boiled sweets into the other two test-tubes.

 After a few minutes, the water in the test-tubes with the crushed candy began to change color 
The whole candy did melt but it melted quite slowly.
 The Butterballs also found that stirring the candy with a swizzle stick helped it dissolve faster.

 For our last activity, we decided to make lollipops using the leftover boiled sweets

The Butterballs chose their favorite flavored candy 
and arranged them in flower-shape on a sheet of baking paper.

I popped the tray into the oven for 4 minutes at 180 degrees celcius.
The Butterballs sat in front of the oven and peered through the glass. 
They were amazed to see the candy melt and bubble.
Watch your candy carefully as it burns easily!!

Once the candy had melted completely,
 I took out the tray and quickly pressed a lollipop stick onto each lollipop.

We left the lollipops on the tray to cool completely.
Once they had hardened, the Butterballs peeled them of the paper
 and eagerly licked their giant multi-flavored lollipops.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Candy Science Experiments : Expanding Candy

All the excess candy that has accumulated at our home
(left over stuff from Tams birthday)
gives me the perfect excuse to try out the newest book in our collection:
Candy Science Experiments by Lora Levitt.

There are so many awesome experiments to choose from.
The book is divided into chapters based on different themes. 
Each section contains four or five different experiments dealing with those themes.
After much consideration, I finally settled on two themes:
  • Expanding candy experiments 
  • Melting candy experiments 
The Butterballs conducted 2 experiments dealing with expanding candy.
Experiment one: Expanding candy using water

 Supplies : marshmallow worm, gummi worm, water

 We placed the gummi worm and marshmallow worm side-by-side(picture on the top left)
The Butterballs noticed that the marshmallow worm was much larger than the gummi worm. 

After filling 2 bowls with water, the Butterballs gently lowered their candy into cold water.
Each Butterball had a turn to predict what would happen to the candy.

Their memories amazed me... 
Tamlyn remembered us growing water beads from tiny little seeds 
and predicted that the candy would grow just like the water beads.

Ethan remembered our baking soda and vinegar experiments
 and predicted that both candies would dissolve.

 We left the candy in their 'bath' overnight. 
The next morning the Butterballs carefully fished them out of the water 
and placed them next to unsoaked candy.

The gummi worm had absorbed a lot of water and grew to roughly 3 times its original size.
The marshmallow worm also absorbed water but not as much as the gummi worm.

According to Ethan, the gummi worm was really thirsty so it sucked up more water.
The Butterballs learnt that gummi candy absorbs more water than marshmallows 
and that the water causes the candy to swell and increase in size.

 Experiment 2 : Using heat to expand candy.

Supplies : gummi worm, Marshmallow worm, microwave.
This experiment was pretty straight forward.
We simply placed the candy onto a plate and popped it into the microwave for a few seconds.

The Butterballs both predicted that the candy would melt and watched the candy closely as it was nuked.
 They were really amazed to see the marshmallow worm puff up to almost 4 times it's original size.
I couldn't get a clear shot of the marshmallow worm in the microwave but I did manage to snap an after shot.
The marshmallow worm collapsed the moment I removed it from the microwave.
The gummi worm remained relatively unchanged , it was just slightly sticky and was just beginning to melt.

 The Butterballs were really amazed that heat could produce such totally different effects on the candy.
When they are older, I would love to redo these experiments
 and get them to measure the candy before and after the experiments. 
It would also be great to get them to plot the measurements on a day!

Monday, 27 October 2014

Pretend Play Science Lab

Tamlyn received an awesome lab kit for her birthday.
 I completed the set by adding 2 lab coats and 2 pairs of safety goggles to the collection,
as well as this amazing book
Candy Experiments by Lora Levitt.
I'm so looking forward to trying out her candy experiments.
But for today's activity, I decided to stick to the basics.

The Butterballs love baking soda and vinegar reactions and they have done various experiments.
They even blew up a balloon using the gas created by this type of reaction.

so I set up today's pretend lab using an assortment of test-tubes and bottles.
I filled a few bottles and test-tubes with vinegar and a few with water.
the Butterballs helped me add a splash of food coloring to the liquids,
then I set out two dishes filled with a white powder container held table salt and the other held baking soda.

I laid out an assortment of tools - eyedroppers, medicine syringes, scoops and stirrers
as well as few containers and the beaker and conical flask that came with Tamlyn's Lab Kit.

The Butterballs loved pouring and mixing their 'magic potions'
Using all those little tools was not only fun,
it also helped develop their fine motor muscles.

They also got to practice color-mixing.

and the look on their faces when they discovered the baking soda-vinegar reactions was priceless!

They used their observation skills and after sniffing each bottle and test-tube,
they figured out which ones contained vinegar.
They quickly realized that the grainy white powder(salt) didn't produce a reaction
while the fine white powder (baking soda) did!

We also talked about real science labs and the chemicals that you would normally find there.
I emphasized the 'no tasting, touching or sniffing rule'
explaining that they could only do so under adult supervision because it might be really harmful to them.

The Butterballs had a blast pretending to be scientists concocting amazing mixtures in their lab!
I can't wait to set up a few candy experiments for them to try out!!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

White Hot Chocolate - Simple Sweet After-School Treat

All this rainy, blustery weather just begs for a warm, chocolaty remedy!
For today's after school treat, I whipped up a glass of creamy white hot chocolate.

I love serving them in plastic shot glasses...
cos they look sooo cute and it limits the Butterballs sugar intake!

I prepared the shot glasses by dipping the rim first into melted chocolate
then into a bowl of sprinkles.

While that set, I prepared the White Hot Chocolate

1 3/4 cups milk
1/2 cup white chocolate chips
1 vanilla bean pod
mini marshmallows

In  a small saucepan, heat 1/2 cup milk, vanilla pod and chocolate chips over medium heat.
Whisk gently until chocolate melts. Add remaining milk and heat until warm.
Strain to remove vanilla pod and pour into shot glasses.
Top with LOTS of mini marshmallows and enjoy!!!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Capturing Childhood : Lego Building

My Butterballs loooove their jumbo lego blocks!!
One of their favorite pastimes is building towers,
only to push them over and totally destroy them!!

Their own version of The Great Wall of China

Which naturally HAS to come tumbling down...
and while the sound of crashing lego towers is pretty annoying,
I love that the Butterballs get to be little engineers,
designing and creating amazing stuff!

and the few extra minutes of me-time doesn't hurt either ;)

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

To Tamlyn...on your fifth birthday

 My darling daughter...this year, your birthday was over-shadowed by Dad's injury.
But inspite of him being in ICU, he still made arrangements for you to have a special day.
Uncle Daryll, Aunt Karen, Debs and Kim arranged a special birthday surprise for you at their church in Toti and Aunt Sarah bought you a stunning cake for a second birthday celebration at home
 with Uncle Sam, Uncle Nelson and your cousins, 
so I pray that you will remember your day with fond memories,
even though Dad was not around.

This year in a nutshell...

*You love posing... which makes me ever so glad
(and gratefully that you don't hide in a closet each time I bring out the camera)

*You love going to the beach and want to start swimming lessons again.


*You are a little dare-devil...
you will fearlessly climb to the top of the three level jungle gym at Kids World
while your Dad hovers anxiously below ;)

You love playing dress-up and would wear a frilly party frock or puffy tutu everyday of your life if you could!

Your favourite movies are the Barbie series
 and you often dance to the sound track while wearing your favorite pink tutu and tiara!

You enjoy baking (and licking the frosting bowl)
and your first question to me after school is always...'What fun activity are we doing today mama?'

 Favorite story book : Cinderella
Favourite food : Gran's soogee
Favourite colour: pink

You have been in Teacher Pats grade 00 class for the past year.
You enjoy Maths more than English 
and have decorated the walls of your playroom by writing your name on it in crayon.

You love doing ballet and look forward to your lessons with Christeen.

You are a little chatter box and always have a tale to tell.
Tea parties, Slumber parties and picnics are your all-time favorite activities.

My sweet daughter, you bring such joy into our lives!
We love you so very much and we are so proud of our polite little lady.
Next year will be a great adventure as you start formal school,
but we are confidant that you will shine!!
May God bless you my sweet child,
May He shower you graces and mercies from above,
today, tomorrow and forever!!
Happy Birthday Tamlyn Jael!!!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Kids Fruity Fun Spa Day

One of the items on Tamlyn's birthday bucket list was a Spa Day,
so today my friend Janessa (an amazing call-out beautician) 
set up a kid-friendly Spa.

She used natural ingredients and gave Tamlyn a relaxing (and delicious) facial.

We set the scene by covering my massage recliner with a white comforter.
Tamlyn loved being wrapped in the fluffy white towel 
and the cute pink headwrap made it feel like a proper spa experience.

First was the yoghurt cleanser.
Janessa used plain yoghurt with live AB cultures. The yoghurt was just below room temperature.
She applied it using her fingertips, rubbing in small circles. 

Facial pads were used to wipe of the yoghurt cleaners.
Which tasted delicious according to Ethan  ;)

Janessa used mashed strawberry and kiwi fruit as a toner.
These were also applied using her fingertips and wiped of with facial pads moistened with warm water.

Next was a yummy chocolate mask made from melted dark chocolate.

Cucumber slices covered her eyelids while she enjoyed a relaxing foot massage.

Janessa applied mashed bananas as a moisturizer.

Then it was off  to the nail-bar.

This was really easy to set up. All we did was lay out a few bottles of nail polish and nail polish remover.

 That huge smile says it all!!!!

Afterwards, Janessa applied a bit of make up
to complete the special day.

Tamlyn was sooooo excited as she never gets to wear any make up except for lipgloss!

Ethan, of course, didn't want to be left out so he had a mini facial too!!