Friday, 31 January 2014

DIY Water Park

The last week of the holiday!!!
I can't believe it!!
My Butterballs are back at school on Monday.
Tamlyn will be in Grade 00 and Ethan will attend school for the first time!
My little man will be in Grade 000.
How time has flown!!

To celebrate...;) the end of the holiday, and more importantly,
 to COOL DOWN!!! (this has been a scorching hot Summer)
we decided to setup our very own mini Water Park with various water-based play stations.

At the crack of dawn, Calvin and I set to work.

Our first station was a Bubbles and Balls pool.
We filled a little paddling pool with water, a splash of bubble bath and a bag of balls.
Lots of Sensory fun!!

Next we set up a the splash pools... two little pools filled with various toys, water-wheels and pumps. Perfect for investigating and exploring.

The Butterballs received an awesome slide for Christmas (Thanks Uncle Alvin!)  which we put to good use.
I sprayed on shaving foam for some extra special slippery fun. The Butterballs also loved sliding down on their little surfboards (with a bit of help from Dad)

The next water-based play station was a Rub-a-Dub Scrub Tub.
I filled the Butterballs water-table with warm water, added a bit of dish-washing liquid to one section of the table, then tossed in a few cups and saucers, even a teapot or two.
They loved washing their tea set.

Ethan decided to turn the activity into an imaginary tea-party!!
I was just glad that those toys were finally getting washed ;)

Calvin added a water-pump bin so the Butterballs could spray each other ( and us!!)

And of course, no Back-yard Water Park would be complete without water balloons!!!

The Butterballs enjoyed a day of cool, splashy fun with lots of Active, Sensory and Imaginative play thrown in for good measure!
'When can we do it again Mama?' asks a super-sleepy Tamlyn at bedtime. :)

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