Saturday, 1 March 2014

Butterflies for Africa

After visiting my mom in PMB, 
we decided to stop one of the local tourist attractions 
- Butterflies for Africa.
What an amazing place!!! 

Tucked away in the Sleepy Hollow, this little gem is truly a fantasy land.
Stepping into the Butterfly House was like walking into a tropical paradise
 (a humid tropical paradise!).
Beautiful flowers, 
lush greenery, 
cascading pools, 
stunning koi, 
a waterfall
 and hundreds of butterflies.

The ButterBalls didn't know which way to look first! 

Greedy koi gobbling up the food Ethan tossed to them.

The feeding trays were filled  with flowers, orange slices and pieces of banana. 
The butterflies were so intent on feeding,
 that they weren't disturbed 
when we picked up the fruit slices to get  a closer look.

The ButterBalls wandered about with eyes as big as saucers, 
squealing with delight as butterflies flew past them, 
a few even landed on them!!!

This little butterfly appeared to be confused by Tamlyn's wings and decided that she must be one of them!

I did notice that the species of butterfly that fed off the orange slices, 
landed on Ethan and Tamlyn quite often. 

Maybe they were attracted to Ethan's orange shirt and Tam's orange wings...

There were also a few beautiful birds in the enclosure 
as well as a mean looking iguana!

The helpful guide even pointed out a stray swallow-tail caterpillar hiding away on a nearby citrus tree.

After wolfing down a snack at the Coffee Shop, 
the ButterBalls raced off down the trail to the Nursery...
wings flapping in the breeze.

We were able to buy a few Milkweed Shrubs 
so hopefully we will have Monarch Butterflies visiting our home soon!

 Just before lunch, the ButterBalls excitedly entered the Monkey House 
- home to the cutest little Cotton-top Tamarins.

The guide encouraged the little critters to climb onto the visitors by offering them a few stick insects as appetizers.
His plan worked! 
I held my breath and prayed that Tam wouldn't scream as the monkey got closer...
and wonder of wonders, 
my little ButterBall sat next to Aunty Debbie as good as gold.

My brave girl!!

The ButterBalls are now obsessed with all things butterfly... 
time to pull out a few butterfly themed crafts and activities.
We will definitely be visiting Butterflies for Africa again!!!

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