Friday, 7 March 2014

Hungry Caterpillar Cupcakes

I've seen so many stunning cupcake versions
of the Hungry Caterpillar on pinterest...
that I just HAD to try making my own.

The Butterballs and I mixed a delicious, vanilla flavoured, cupcake batter
 and the Butterballs placed the liners into the muffin trays.
I baked 24 mini cupcakes in lime green wrappers
and 12 large cupcakes in bright red wrappers.
While the cupcakes were baking, 
we whipped up two batches of frosting...
lime green, lemon flavoured frosting
and red cherry flavoured frosting.
The Butterballs soon disappeared with my mixing bowl and spoons
(they love licking off the leftover frosting)
leaving me to tidy up in peace.
The smell of the baked cupcakes soon lured them out of hiding
and they hovered around the kitchen
 anxiously waiting for the cupcakes to be cool enough to ice.
After blowing and fanning the cupcakes,
they finally lost interest and wandered off to find Dad.
After an hour, the cupcakes were cool.
I iced them quickly and set them out on the tray.
I used the mini cupcakes to form the body
and one large cupcake formed the head.
I cut two little circles of bread for the eyes
 and coloured the pupils in using a black food marker.

The Butterballs enjoyed their caterpillar cupcake treat...
and I was just so glad that I baked mini cupcakes - no sugar high!!

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