Friday, 14 March 2014

Butterfly Art - Melted Crayon Butterflies

Just fell in love with this cute craft from freekidscrafts.
An awesome way to use up those pesky stubs of crayon that always lurks at the bottom of the crayon box!!

Grated crayon, wax paper

Fold the wax paper in half, waxed side facing inwards.
The Butterballs sprinkled the grated crayons onto one half of the wax paper.
After folding the paper over, they waited patiently for the iron to warm.

The Butterballs have never touched an iron before...they were sooo excited.
I warned them at least a hundred times that they are NOT to touch the iron with out me being there.

LOTS of supervision is needed for this activity.
Under my watchful (and anxious) gaze,
The Butterballs ironed the wax wrap gently with a warm iron.
The iron was set on the minimum heat setting.

We talked about heat and how it causes the crayon to melt, 
like ice-cream on a hot day.
They were amazed at how quickly the crayons melted.

Thankfully, there were no burnt fingers, 
just broad grins as the Butterballs proudly reported their ironing experience to Dad!

I think they were more impressed with handling the iron,
 than with the beautiful, marbled wax art they made! 

I cut butterfly silhouettes out of black cardboard.

Then carefully stuck their waxy masterpieces onto the silhouette using craft glue.

but I won't attempt that sort of activity again until the Butterballs are much older!!

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