Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Learning Play - colour sorting

Like most kids, the Butterballs like all things bright and colorful.
Tamlyn can identify colors.
Ethan... well, we are working on it.
Which brings me to today's activity:

Color sorting.

The Butterballs were given a bowl full of coloured deco-pebbles (beads, buttons, bottle-caps etc would work just fine!)
They had to sort them by color, placing them into the correct compartment of my lazy-susan.

They happily sorted the pebbles with Tamlyn shouting out the color and Ethan repeating her -an older sister is such a help...except when she's bossing you around ;)

This color sorting soon lead to a counting game. 
They enjoyed counting how many pebbles there were in each compartment,
giving me a good forty-five minutes of peace until...

Ethan decided to spin the lazy-susan,showering the floor with pebbles!
'Look Mama, a rainbow carpet'
He promptly dives down and begins rolling about, much to the delight of Tamlyn, who quickly joins in on the action.
So much for color sorting...

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