Sunday, 19 January 2014

Ice Monster - Sensory Play

I saw this amazing activity on howtogrowajeweledrose and simply had to try it.
Its the perfect opportunity to :
  •  use up the leftover rainbow spaghetti.
  • engage in more sensory play.
  • cool off!!! It's midsummer in Durban.

All you do is fill an assortment of containers with water. Toss in the rainbow pasta and float a few googly eyes on the surface of the water. Pop the containers into the freezer and in a few hours you will have icy, scary, MONSTERS!!!!

The colouring from the rainbow pasta coloured the water creating realistic Ice Monsters - the ButterBalls loved it!!!

Frozen past feels totally different and undergoes various texture changes as it thaws out.

The ButterBalls had fun cracking the ice to 'rescue' the pasta.

Creating their own Mega-Monster!!!

The ButterBalls messed around for a while, returning to play with the Ice Monsters every so often. Surprisingly, the Ice Monsters lasted about 2 hours despite the heat, leaving me with a large puddle, twenty cold fingers and two very broad grins!!!

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