Friday, 7 February 2014

Valentine target practice - Melt the heart

It's the weekend...whoop whoop!!!!!

To beat the heat, I prepared a fun shaving foam activity for the Butterballs.
A really simple activity, 
(after a long week at school, I didn't have the energy for anything elaborate)

All I did was mix two batches of shaving foam paint (shaving foam + food colouring) in purple and pink.
This took about 3 minutes.
Another 3 minutes to fill up a bucket with water and find the Butterballs water-blasters.

Using the shaving-foam paint, I painted a few hearts onto our sliding door,
then let the Butterballs loose!!

Ready ... Aim...


They loved their target practice session. At first, they had to get real close to their targets but they soon got the hang of it!

Tamlyn eagerly repainted the hearts so that they could continue their heart-blasting,
while I relaxed on the lounger with a book....ahhh, such bliss :)

All too soon, the Butterballs ran out of shaving-foam paint so they began to blast each other ...and me!!!
Book and all!!!

It didn't take me long to get them geared for a quick clean up.
Armed with window wipers, the Butterballs soon had my sliding door sparkling!

What a great way to clean the windows!!!!

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