Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Valentine Doodle Cookies

Can't believe that its already the middle of the week!!

I decided that a special treat would be the perfect way to celebrate mid-week 'Humpday' so...

I baked a batch of heart-shaped sugar cookies this morning 3:00am when most normal people are asleep ;)
so they were perfectly cool for me to ice when I got home from school.

I used white royal icing (which didn't set as quickly as I hoped),
the icing also had tiny air-bubbles in it.
Next time I will try fondant.

I pulled out a pack of doodle pens (Foodoodlers)
and laid out all the supplies for the Butterballs.

I decided to draw some heart outlines on a few of the cookies
...just to help the Butterballs out.
Okay...I gotta admit, this was the first time we were drawing on cookies 
and I just really wanted to have a turn too :)))))

Tamlyn coloured in her cookies perfectly, always staying within the outline.

She even wrote an I 'heart' you message on a cookie (which she proudly presented to Dad)

Ethan started off well, until he decided to test out all the coloured markers on one cookie!

It was all down-hill from there. 
Also, he couldn't resist tasting each cookie before he completed decorating them. :D

Lots of delicious fun.

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