Sunday, 2 February 2014

Valentine cookie cutter painting

Time to begin Valentine Crafting!!

The first activity for the month is a really simple one.
All you need is some paint (we chose pretty Valentine colors) and a few 
heart-shaped cookie cutters in different sizes.

I found the 'Pandamix Panda Paint' perfect for basically all our projects
Undiluted, its thick consistency is ideal for finger painting... and cookie-cutter painting.
When diluted, the colours remain vibrant and it is economical as well.
An added bonus is that the paint is non-toxic - perfect for little Butterballs 

The Butterballs enjoyed dipping their cookie-cutters into the paint, then stamping them all over their pages.

Such concentration!!

But of course, it is short-lived. Ethan loves goofing around!!

And the completed masterpieces 
now hold a prime spot on the Chetty Wall of Fame ;)))

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