Saturday, 8 February 2014

Valentine Breakfast Picnic Surprise

After a long, busy week, I decided to surprise the Butterballs with a surprise Breakfast Picnic.

I hung up Tamlyn's fairy net, threw a pink blanket onto the grass and added a few cushions.

A few picnic baskets and accessories tied everything together and soon we were ready to begin picnicking!!! 

I served a simple menu which I knew the Butterballs would love!

Eggs (sunny-side up) fried in a heart mold,
 Chicken viennas (sliced at an angle so they resemble hearts)
little drops of tomato sauce and
Strawberry yoghurt in a pretty heart-shaped bowl ...

and of course, no Valentine breakfast would be complete without strawberry milk!

The Butterballs loved every mouthful!!

And they had loads of fun playing in their 'tent' ;)

 Valentine Breakfast Picnic... served with LOVE!!!!

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