Monday, 3 February 2014

Valentine LOVE treat tray

'I LOVE YOU' are 3 little words that are heard 
and spoken VERY often in our home.
But what I am guilty of, is not being specific!

What do I love about my Butterballs....
there's so many things - the list is endless!!!

Today, I decided to make a concerted effort to tell my Butterballs what I love about them...well, a few things that I love about them.

We sometimes do a Muffin Cup Monday Treat Tray so I decided that this Monday we will do a Valentine LOVE treat tray for dessert.

I filled a heart shaped muffin tray with :
watermelon cubes
candy-coated peanuts
mini heart-shaped marshmallows
valentine gummy treats

I tried to include an even mix of healthy and not-so-healthy treats!

Besides filling up their muffin tray with delicious treats, I added a little note to each cup, listing a few things that I love about them.

My stash of washi tape came in really handy!!
I used various valentine themed tapes to turn a few blank gift tags into pretty 'love notes'

After sticking a cocktail  skewer onto the back of each note, I was ready to present my Butterballs with their Valentine treat tray.

The looks on their faces were priceless!!!
My Butterballs couldn't read their love-notes so they ran to me and dad, sticky notes in hand, waiting for us to read out each little message.

Afterwards Tamlyn gave me a great big hug and whispered in my ear, 'Love you, my Mama. You're the best mom !' ...I had tears in my eyes.

Ethan of course, not to be outdone, runs over and hugging me, he whispers in my other ear, 'Can I please have more water-melon'  ;)))))

Gotta love em!!!

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