Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine Fondue

We are officially a family of chocoholics!!
Anything and everything chocolate has our name on it!!
...and makes dieting an absolute nightmare!!

As the LOVE Day draws near, 
I decided to spoil hubby and the Butterballs
 with a yummy chocolate fondue.

I set up a dipper tray of fresh strawberries, mini heart-shaped cupcakes and strawberry marshmallows.

For the Chocolate sauce, I dropped squares of milk chocolate and a few caramels into a saucepan. I then added a generous splash of double cream and heated gently. 
The sauce was to die for!!!
A few bowls of Valentine sprinkles later and we were all set to go!

We used plastic heart-shaped drinking straws instead of skewers. 
I saw this idea on and just fell in love with it.
Too sweet!!

Unfortunately, the straws didn't hold the cupcakes very well. 

It was fine during the chocolate dipping and sprinkles-coating 
but as soon as the Butterballs attempted to bite into the cupcake, it all fell apart!

It did work perfectly with the marshmallows and strawberries though!
Perhaps my cupcakes were just too soft...

But despite the crumbling cupcakes, my family LOVED the sweet valentine surprise!

Every chocolate-coated bite ;)


  1. Hi Natalie! What fun and how yummy this looks. Thank you so much for popping by my blog and for your lovely email. I hope you got my reply - eventually :) Georgia

    1. Thank you Georgia.
      Hope you guys are settling in well. Looking forward to reading about all your adventures in your new home town!

  2. Hello Mrs Chetty❤its Nishka. I am sooooooooo going 2 try this 4 my next year birthday party after all my birthday is on Valentines Day❤

  3. Sounds great Nishka...don't forget that sharing is caring :)