Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Rainbow Painting

After a week of singing the Rainbow Song and doing rainbow themed activities, 
I decided it was time to try out their Sunday School Activity again and see how they do.

I set out their paints and helped them into their aprons 
(God help us if we paint without aprons!!!)

Tamlyn was confidant and knew the correct order of the colors. 
Her only concern was that the rainbow only had 6 stripes 
and that she didn't have any indigo or violet paint.
After convincing her that purple would be just fine for the indigo and violet strip, 
it was all smooth sailing from there.

Ethan on the other hand,
 needed lots of guidance as his main concern was to complete the pinting before Tamlyn.
 Now that he has started attending school, 
I'm beginning to see a definite competitive streak.

After completing the painting, 
they waited impatiently for it to dry,
before sticking on generous amounts of cotton wool onto the clouds

I'm so glad that they finally know how to paint a proper rainbow!!!

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