Saturday, 4 October 2014

When tragedy strikes...

Last Friday, my husband was involved in an armed attempted robbery.
God's hand of grace and protection was on him!!!
He was shot at close range in the arm, with the bullet shattering bones, eventually exiting through his neck and although the damage was extensive,no major organs were damaged.

We are so thankful for God's Hand of healing on him.
After spending the last week in ICU and undergoing 4 operations, 
he is home safe and sound!!

God is Great and in His wisdom, He has allowed us to go through a trail by fire.
But He never forsakes us or gives us more than we can bear!!

I have learnt how  important it is to rely on God and to find peace and hope in Him.
I have learnt the importance of living life a day at a time and to take time to show appreciation and love
because you never know when God might call a loved one away.

Hold your loved ones close,
remind them daily of how much they mean to you...

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