Thursday, 4 September 2014

Slumber Party Family Fun

After watching Sofia the First- Perfect Slumber Party,
Tamlyn has been obsessed with the idea of having a Slumber Party of her own!
So Activity Number one on her Birthday Bucket List is to have a Slumber Party

A bunch of 4 and 5 year olds sleeping over at my house?
No... I don't think so!! 

We have a Family Fun Night every month so this month,
I figured we could do a Slumber Party Fun Night!!
My only problem was ensuring that the Slumber Party wasn't too girly!

After searching through Pinterest for a while, I finally settled on a few not-too-girly Slumber Party Activities.

Our first activity was designing eye-masks.

Supplies : craft foam, ribbon, stickers and an eye-mask(to use as a template)

First we placed the eye-mask onto the craft foam and traced around it.

I cut out the eye-masks and poked little holes onto either side
After threading through the ribbon and securing it with a knot,
I handed over the masks to be decorated.

The Butterballs used self adhesive rhinestones to decorate the eye-masks

Guess which one is Tamlyn's!

After the Butterballs helped me set up the mattresses in their reading nook, 
we played a Sumo Wrestling Game.
(Not girly at all!)

Both Butterballs pulled on one of my T-shirts and stuffed a pillow under it.
They had a blast!!!

Check out their intimidating faces...:D

After dinner, I set up a snack bar.

Popcorn with various toppings

Crispy Fairy Bread - Rice cakes dipped in melted white chocolate and covered in sprinkles...Yum!

We had creamy, strawberry steamers which were so easy to make
and tasted delicious!

Strawberry Steamers
Heat a liter of milk in the microwave till almost at boiling point.
Add strawberry syrup and mix with a milk-frother.
Pour into glasses, and top with whipped cream and sprinkles.

What's a Slumber Party without fluffy slippers!

The Butterballs cuddled up with Dad to watch a movie.

Then upstairs for some old-fashioned Slumber Party fun!
The Butterballs loved jumping on the bed !

Can't have a Slumber Party without a pillow fight!

Time to Tickle-Attack Dad!!

Bedtime Stories and cuddles!!!

The Butterballs, Calvin and I finally curled up under the blanket for some well deserved shut-eye.

The Butterballs loved having us all sleeping together in one room.
Placing our mattresses on the floor, made the Slumber Party pain-free for Calvin and I stiff sore muscles from sleeping on the floor!!!

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