Monday, 11 August 2014

On the Farm Kids Activities - Shaving foam Sheep

The Butterballs enjoyed feeding the sheep.
They learnt that not all sheep are white; 
sheep give us wool; 
a daddy sheep is a ram and has large horns;
the mama sheep is an ewe and the baby sheep is a lamb.

(They also found that Benny Sheep loves carrots
 more than the grassy sheep food that they tried to feed him!!)

Today we did 2 simple sheepy tasks.

* The cotton-ball Sheep

This task was really simple. I printed out a picture of a sheep and laid it out along with cotton balls and glue.

The Butterballs enjoyed pasting on the cotton-balls creating a fluffy white sheep.
Too cute!!

The next activity is a slightly different take on School Time Snippets amazing activity  - shaving foam dot to dots. 

Supplies : a join-the-dot sheep picture, plastic sleeve and shaving foam.

How to: Slide the picture into the plastic sleeve.
Spray tiny dots of shaving foam onto each of the number dots on the picture.
The shaving foam will be on the outside of the plastic jacket that the picture is in.
The Butterballs then joined the dots using their fingers.
They loved this activity.
I had to wipe the plastic sleeve off and respray the shaving foam a couple of times.
And of course, they had to 'color-in' the sheep using the shaving foam

Messy but lots of fun...and they got to work on their counting skills!!

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