Friday, 8 August 2014

On the Farm Kids Activities - DIY Butter

During our visit to the farm,
 the Butterballs learnt that a baby cow is called a calf 
and it drinks milk from 'the mama's unders' as Ethan puts it!

They were totally fascinated by the cow milking demo!

We talked about how cow milk is drank by the calf and by humans.
We also discussed the many dairy products we make from cow milk.

I decided to give them a simple first-hand experience of butter-making.

Supplies: small glass bottle and fresh cream

The Butterballs helped me to carefully pour the cream into the bottles 
and I closed each bottle tightly, then the fun began!

The Butterballs shook the bottles for as long as they could, 
eventually we turned it into a dancing game.
It certainly got all the wiggles out of the Butterballs!

After about 15 minutes of shaking, we opened the jar to find a creamy little pat of butter. 
The Butterballs were ecstatic!
We poured away the liquid and the Butterballs spread the butter onto slices of toast.

'Best butter ever!' was the verdict!

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