Saturday, 5 July 2014

Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea - Bath Activity

Most of Ethan's birthday gifts had a sea-theme so this month we decided to focus on Ocean-themed activities.

The Butterballs new favourite storybook is 
'Way down deep in the deep blue sea' by Jan Peck

The story is about a boy who goes diving into the 'deep blue sea' in search of treasure. He meets many sea creatures along the way, including a scary shark. After finding his treasure, the boy surfaces in his bathtub surrounded by his bath-toy sea creatures.

 An amazing book- perfect for 3-5 year olds. The colorful illustrations, clever rhymes and repeated refrains make for fun reading.

The Butterballs were eager to recreate this fun bath-time adventure.
We used the Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Under Sea Treasure Hunt Pool Game, as well as an assortment of sea animal bath-toys.
The Butterballs insisted on wearing their flippers and googles too! 

As they met each sea creature, Tamlyn recited the appropriate part of the story (her memory astounds me!)
Ethan joined in for the refrain.

Pretending to dive in the tub has made the Butterballs so much more confidant about sticking their heads under-water.
This activity was loads of fun, and a great way to learn while cooling off at the same time!


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