Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Fish Cutting Skills Activity

This cute activity is perfect for little fingers to practice their cutting skills.

Material : a fish color-in page, paper in different colors (with little circles drawn on it), glue stick and a scissors

The Butterballs spent ages cutting out the little circles. Ethan eventually wandered off leaving me to cutting out the rest of his 'fish-scales'

After a short break, the Butterballs colored in their fish using oil pastels,
 then the fun began.
The Butterballs love sticking stuff,
 so sticking on the circles to form fish scales,
 was the highlight of today's activity.

Ahhh well, they did end up practising their cutting skills.

Next time, I would love to set up a Rainbow Fish cutting skills activity. 
I'm sure it will look super cute!

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