Monday, 12 May 2014

Gardening with kids - Petunia Planting

I just couldn't resist buying the tray of brightly colored petunias that sat cheerfully on the shelf at Builders Express.
The Butterballs flower bed could use a bright addition so...
into the trolley it went.

Back home, the Butterballs quickly pulled out their gardening tool-box and within minutes, they were elbow deep in damp, potting soil.

Perfect opportunity to learn about the parts of a plant.
Tamlyn now calls the roots 'plant straws' because 
they 'suck up water from the ground' 

A good sensory play activity as well ...
texture and smell of the potting soil,
smell of the petunias (not very appealing!)...

They now insist on watering their new flowers several times a day 
cos 'they are sooo thirsty'

Hope the poor petunias survive the flood!

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