Friday, 30 May 2014

Fun Family Birthday Traditions

Birthday celebrations are THE highlight of the Butterballs year.
Anyone's birthday...even Milo the dog, and Boots the goldfish's birthday is the perfect excuse for a celebration.
So I try my best to make the Butterballs birthday celebrations super-special.
In addition to a little celebration at school with their classmates, 
and their themed family birthday bash, 
we have a few family birthday traditions to make their birthday month really memorable.

* Birthday Photo shoot
Each year, a week before their birthday,
 I do a mini photo shoot with the Butterballs.

The theme of the photo shoot depends on the Butterballs
favourite activities or hobbies at that time.
Ethan's second birthday shoot was taken at the playground because he was totally crazy about 'flying through the sky' on a swing.

Tamlyn's fourth birthday shoot was taken at the duckpond cos one of her favourite pastimes was feeding the ducks.

I also include balloons in their photo shoot...
what's a birthday without balloons!!!
The number of balloons represents their age - 2 balloons = 2 years old.
* Extra Special Breakfast
One Saturday in their birthday month is set aside for an extra special breakfast. The Birthday Butterball gets to choose where we go too for breakfast.

This year, I was hoping to include 2 new birthday traditions

* The Cupcake Wake-up Call
First thing in the morning, the family gathers around the Birthday-Butterball's bed to sing Happy Birthday, after presenting the Butterball with a candle-studded cupcake.
I'm not sure if this idea will actually work as the Butterballs are usually out of bed at dawn
...especially on their birthday!!!

* The Birthday Bucket List
I got this idea from this amazing blog 'Peanut Blossom'
The Butterballs get to choose activities that they would like to do during their birthday month. 
The activities should require very little expense and of course, are subject to Mom and Dad's approval.
The number of activities on the list depend on the Butterballs age,
so this year, Ethan will have a 3-for-3 list, where he chooses 3 activities for his third birthday.

I'll be finding out how these new traditions work out, real soon!
Ethan's birthday is just around the corner...
Can't wait!!!

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