Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Snow Day Sensory Play

After reading so many stories about snowmen, the ButterBalls wanted to play with real snow (top of their holiday wish-list). Real snow? That's a little hard to come by in Durban (where it NEVER EVER snows).
So after much research (Thank God for Pinterest!!), I decided a Snow Day Celebration would be the perfect solution.

Squeals of surprise and joy greeted the Snow Day breakfast table.

Breakfast menu: a snowman pancake with chocolate drop eyes and mouth, sitting on a 'hill' of scrambled eggs, wearing a bacon scarf.

The White Hot Chocolate was a hit! And very easy to make: Heat milk in saucepan and add pieces of white chocolate and a drop of vanilla extract. Heat through, till chocolate has melted. Pour into mugs, top with whipped cream and a pinch of blue sprinkles. Yum!!
The mugs were ordinary glass mugs that had the features drawn on with Sharpies (thanks Linda!). Baking them in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 15min ensured that the drawings stayed put.

Next, the Butterballs built snowcastles. Their eyes positively glowed as they dug into the snow.
Snow in Durban? Why yes....thanks to Snow-in-Seconds. Just a tablespoon of this powder makes about 1 cup of  realistic snow. All you do is add water and the powder puffs up absorbing the liquid, leaving you with fluffy 'snow' that won't melt. I used ice-water which upped the real factor. The powder is also reusable. Perfect for squashing, squeezing, kneading, rolling into snowballs and pressing into sandcastle molds!!!

The ButterBalls cooled off in their very own Melting Snowmen Pool... shaving foam snowmen with craft foam features...and a few sparkly snowflakes. They adored the silky softness of the shaving foam as well as the fresh, fruity scent! I got this amazing idea from bathactivitiesforkids. Will definitely try this one again, maybe in the tub this time.

While they splashed about, I whipped up a batch of frosting and set up the next snow-based work station. Snowman Cupcake decorating!!!

The ButterBalls loved decorating their snowman cupcakes. Ethan did more eating than decorating (as usual!).

To burn up the extra sugar, our next activity Indoor snowball fight. What a blast! Luckily, the only casualty was Dad's coffee mug.

The ButterBalls ended the day with a mug of Snowman Hot Chocolate, before snuggling up to listen to their bedtime story- Frosty the Snowman.
The perfect ending to a Snowy Day!!!

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