Thursday, 17 July 2014

Pretend Play Bakery - Under the Sea

The Butterballs love 'Finding Nemo' so we decided to give today's play-dough activity a 'Nemo' theme, and create a bakery for their new sea-friends.

Tamlyn named their bakery 'The Reef' 
and the Butterballs couldn't wait to start filling it up with tasty fishy treats!

I've seen many recipes on Pinterest for foam/cloud dough,
 so after a quick peek in the pantry,
 I decided to whip up a batch of Foam Dough to bake our fishy treats with.

We started by preparing the Foam Dough.
Ingredients :
 *Shaving Foam Bath Paint


We used the Melissa and Doug Sand Baking Kit to measure and sift the cornflour.

The Butterballs loved measuring the cornflour!

 Next, they added the shaving foam bath paint to the cornflour and whisked well. We used one part of cornflour to one part of shaving foam.

Once incorporated, the Butterballs(and I ) dug into the soft, silky, puffy dough!
Foam Dough has an absolutely amazing texture!!!

Once it resembled crumbly dough, the Butterballs assembled their baking equipment.

We used a few silicone cupcake holders, cookie cutters and sand molds.

 The Butterballs pressed the dough into the molds 
(like you would with sea-sand)

 The cookie cutters didn't work out - the dough was too crumbly but the cupcakes turned out perfect!

I printed a few cards for 'The Reef' bakery and after a quick clean-up the Butterballs began setting up their bakery.

On the menu : Turtles Cakes
                     Starfish Cakes
Seashell Cupcakes and Starfish truffles (made in little star-shaped silicone molds)

The Butterballs even included a few of the plastic sand-molds served on a bed of sea-sand.

Once their 'friends' arrived, the bakery had a massive opening sale!!
Samples and free goodies for everyone!!!

Loads of fun!!!!


  1. Love this idea, what fun for the kids!

  2. Looks like loads of fun! I've pinned it to my sensory play board :)

  3. Thank you Yulia Fruman and Heather A. My little ones had a blast!