Friday, 17 January 2014

Bath Play - Puffy Shaving Foam Bath Paint

The week-end is finally here!!! 
Time to relax and have some fun with my favorite ButterBalls!!
In our home, bath time=splash time!
The ButterBalls LOVE a good splash (with most of the water ending up around the tub instead of inside it!)

Today we decided to do a painting activity in the tub (less time spent on clean-up duty) so we needed a recipe for clean messy fun!
I scanned through my resource file (where I save any awesome ideas I stumble across on the Net) and I found just the thing!
A super-easy recipe for Puffy Shaving Foam Bath Paint! 

The only ingredients you require are: shaving foam and food colouring.

When it comes to sensory play, BIC shaving foam is the most cost efficient (Dads shaving gel is only used as a last resort ;)
I found that gel food colour works better than the liquid because :
  • You use less food colouring.
  • Adding extra liquid to the shaving foam makes it lose its puffiness.

It took about 5 minutes to mix 6 different colours. I spooned them into the ButterBalls paint palettes, filled up the tub and let them at it!
They wasted no time getting started.
My little perfectionist ditched the paintbrush cos it made her pictures 'ugly'.

Ethan on the other hand preferred the paintbrush and didn't use his hands at all. He stopped a while to enjoy the flowery scent of the shaving foam before deciding to chase a stray blob of paint using his paintbrush as a net.

Tamlyn's love of pink and purple was clearly evident!
Ethan just wanted to mess around.
Guess which palette is Ethan's!
Once all the paint had been used up, Ethan entertained himself by playing pouring and stacking games. 

Tamlyn just splashed in the 'pretty water'.

Even clean-up time was fun. 

Definitely doing this again ...maybe on the windows next time ;) 
Great start to the weekend!!

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