Thursday 24 July 2014

Sandcastle Sand Art

After each visit to the ocean, the Butterballs return with at least a bucketful of sea-sand( most of it brought home by 'accident')

We decided to put the sand to good use by creating our own 
sandcastle sand-art.

Material : A sandcastle color-in page, glue, sand and a few ocean-themed stickers.

How to:
* Outline the castle with glue (an adults help may be necessarily)
* Sprinkle sand onto the picture (great fine motor skill practise!)
* Dust off excess sand and allow to dry.
* Decorate with stickers or seashells.

The Butterballs loved this simple activity. 
"just like sprinkles!' exclaimed Ethan, while sprinkling sand over his picture. ;)


  1. Stopping by from The Kids Weekly Co-op after seeing your craft featured! This is very cool and seems to be lots of fun for the kids!! We don't have sand but I've got some colored salt I may try to do this with!

    1. Thanks Susen Kuchta, it was loads of fun!
      Using colored salt sounds fantastic...great idea!!