Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Mini Donut Pops - Simply Sweet AfterSchool Treat

When the Butterballs get home from school,
 they crave a little sweet snack to tide them over till dinner time.

The last thing I want, is two Butterball whirlwinds on a sugar-high 
wreaking havoc,so the snack really has to be small, and cute!!

Sometimes fruit cut into pretty shapes, 
or yoghurt served in adorable muffin cups do the trick.

But for today's treat, I get to try out my new mini donut maker!!
It makes perfectly round donuts in 3 minutes - without me having to fry them!
The donut maker is a lot like a waffle maker.
The recipe for the batter was super simple and took about 5 minutes to make,
and yes, the donuts did need to cook for only 3 minutes.

End result: golden brown, light and delicious donut morsels!!
Did I mention that there is NO FRYING needed... so much healthier ;))

I dipped the donuts into melted dark chocolate 
and add a pinch (or two) of sprinkles.
The Butterballs loved this part!!!
Once the chocolate set, I pushed a lollipop stick into each donut,
 and set out glasses of cold milk.

Sweet after-school treat all done!!

And it truly was delicious!!

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