Friday, 25 July 2014

Capturing Childhood- for the Love of Ice-Cream

Every kid I know, LOVES ice-cream
(most of the adults too!)

The Butterballs are no exception.
And while I do moan about the sticky, ice-cream finger-prints 
that cover every surface in a 50cm radius,
there's no denying the simple joy that they get from an ice-cream cone.

The smiles and giggles,
the ice-cream covered cheeks and sticky fingers,
the drips and the dribbles
and yes, even the mess...
nothing beats an ice-cream cone on a hot afternoon...
except maybe, watching my Butterballs enjoying one!

As part of my attempt to capture everyday moments,
 I decided to do just that...
watch and photograph my Butterballs enjoying an ice-cream.

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