Monday, 9 June 2014

Fathers Week Celebrations

Calvin is an amazing husband and an awesome Dad. He works tirelessly to provide for our family and even after a long day at work, he still finds the energy to romp around with the Butterballs.

Going out for breakfast with Dad (while Mom is at work), is one of the Butterballs favourite activities - they get to have ice-cream for breakfast!

Calvin's spur-of-the-moment excursions ensure that the Butterballs jump up and race excitedly to the door as soon as they hear his bakkie pull into the driveway.

My husband is a GREAT dad and although we try to show our appreciation everyday of the year, we like to make Father's Day extra special by dedicating an entire week to spoiling dad!

During Father's Week, Calvin gets a special treat each day to remind him how much we love him and how special he is.

We started Father's Week with a sweet treat
... a giant chocolate cupcake!

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