Thursday, 10 April 2014

Washi Tape Easter Maze

This easy activity requires no prep - except of course, gathering supplies!

All you need:
Washi tape, craft foam Easter stickers and a large window/glass door.

Stick the washi tape onto your window to create a maze.
The maze can be as simple or complicated as you want.
I settled on a fairly simple one that Ethan would be able to do.

The Butterballs get to make their way through the maze using the bunny footprints as markers.

I used lots of different stickers not just to make it pretty 
but cos it adds variety...

The Butterballs get to 'find' different things each time...
an egg, a butterfly, a cute chick...
that way, it will take a while before they lose interest!!

I'm going to try replacing the chicks and bunnies with Easter egg stickers.
The Butterballs would have to plot the way to the red/green/blue egg...
that way they get to work on their color identification skills as well as problem-solving skills.
Super learning fun!

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