Thursday, 3 April 2014

Build-a-Bunny Bathtub Fun

Craft foam is one of our favorite art supplies...they can be used in hundreds of fun ways!!
Today, the Butterballs enjoyed a splashing-good session in the tub with their new bathtub activity.

Supplies : Sheets of craft foam, a few pom poms(for the nose), scissors and a sharpie.

Cut out a bunny head and ears from the craft foam, with little fingers-the bigger, the better.

Next cut out a few features using different colored craft foam.

Draw in the eyes and whiskers using Sharpies.
Fill the tub with water, bubbles, anything you fancy and you're ready to go!
Don't you just love easy-to-set-up activities :)))

The Butterballs were delighted with their colorful bunnies and quickly set to work assembling them.

To get the craft foam pieces to stick to the tiles, we simply wet the back of the shape with a little water. If we found that the pieces weren't sticking well, I smeared a tiny bit of soap onto the back and it stuck perfectly!

The craft foam bunny puzzle is waterproof and reusable. By including many different colored pieces, the Butterballs could create and recreate different bunnies each time.

The Butterballs LOVED building their very own Easter Bunny.
Ethan had lots of fun mixing up the features to create 'a special bunny' :))

 The bunny pieces now 'live' in the bathroom cupboard, ready to come out and play through the month.
Cost efficient, reusable, fun!!!

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