Friday, 3 January 2014

Pretend Play - Mommy me!

Besides being loads of fun, pretend play has many hidden benefits! 
  • It encourages imagination and thinking skills- kids can be anyone and do anything in their make-believe world.
  • When playing with other kids, they practise social skills like turn-taking, sharing and negotiating.
  • Pretend play also encourages creative problem solving as there is always the matter of deciding what happens next. 
  • Kids also develop language skills.

With a few fun, creative materials, the sky's the limit!!! So let the fort building, submarine-sinking, rocket-launching fun begin!!

Tamlyn LOVES playing mommy! She also manages to coerce Ethan into playing along.
This Christmas, Tamlyn received a baby doll play set (thanks Aunty Debs!)
From the moment she laid eyes on it, she stepped into mommy-mode over-drive!

After having to step over baby doll clothes and pick up doll-related toys for about a week - I finally had had enough!
I decided that the best solution to this baby invasion would be to set up a mommy corner in the playroom.

We placed Tamlyn's old bed next to the kitchen, set up her beloved toy feeding chair and parked the stroller alongside. We pulled up the play-table (which makes a perfect changing station) and laid out a few essentials.

An old facecloth proved to be just the right size for a changing mat.
I set out an empty powder bottle and lotion bottle. Ethan brought out a packet of wet-wipes and Tamlyn found some of her old baby socks and bibs which she added to her dolls dress-up box. 
After finding a bowl and spoon in the tea-set box and digging up a few baby blankets, our mommy corner was ready for some serious action.

Totally in character, Mommy Tamlyn changed baby Bella's diaper and
put on a fresh set of clothes.
She then took Bella for a walk to the 'shopping center' to buy baby food.
Once back home, Mommy Tamlyn  put on Bella's bib and fed her a delicious meal of butternut puree. 

After a bottle of milk and a quick burp, Mommy Tamlyn sang Bella to sleep.
Ethan also decided to join in with one of Tamlyn's other dolls!


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