Thursday, 16 January 2014

Back to school

What a crazy week!!

Started the week in bed....the kids and I were down with the gastric flu (yuck!!!)
Thank God, Calvin didn't succumb to the virus. 
He really is a Super Dad!!  I don't know how I would have coped without him. (Love You Babes!)

Monday was my first day back at work/school. The kids got to school on Wednesday.
So totally loving my class of Grade 4 darlings. They are  super sweet!! 
I do miss my 'old' Grade 4 class though. Can't believe how grown up they look after the holidays (and especially in comparison to my current class)

So with all the settling-in and goings on, the meetings and planning, I feel as though I haven't had time to breathe!
Roll on the week-end already!!

Thankfully, my Butterballs only start school on 1 February.
 It will be Ethan's first year at Chesham Pre-primary (can't believe it!!!).
 He will be in Grade 000 and Tamlyn will be in Grade 00.

The pile of Math Books on my table is not getting any smaller :(
So its off to mark I go...
Wish me luck!

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