Wednesday, 8 October 2014

To Tamlyn...on your fifth birthday

 My darling daughter...this year, your birthday was over-shadowed by Dad's injury.
But inspite of him being in ICU, he still made arrangements for you to have a special day.
Uncle Daryll, Aunt Karen, Debs and Kim arranged a special birthday surprise for you at their church in Toti and Aunt Sarah bought you a stunning cake for a second birthday celebration at home
 with Uncle Sam, Uncle Nelson and your cousins, 
so I pray that you will remember your day with fond memories,
even though Dad was not around.

This year in a nutshell...

*You love posing... which makes me ever so glad
(and gratefully that you don't hide in a closet each time I bring out the camera)

*You love going to the beach and want to start swimming lessons again.


*You are a little dare-devil...
you will fearlessly climb to the top of the three level jungle gym at Kids World
while your Dad hovers anxiously below ;)

You love playing dress-up and would wear a frilly party frock or puffy tutu everyday of your life if you could!

Your favourite movies are the Barbie series
 and you often dance to the sound track while wearing your favorite pink tutu and tiara!

You enjoy baking (and licking the frosting bowl)
and your first question to me after school is always...'What fun activity are we doing today mama?'

 Favorite story book : Cinderella
Favourite food : Gran's soogee
Favourite colour: pink

You have been in Teacher Pats grade 00 class for the past year.
You enjoy Maths more than English 
and have decorated the walls of your playroom by writing your name on it in crayon.

You love doing ballet and look forward to your lessons with Christeen.

You are a little chatter box and always have a tale to tell.
Tea parties, Slumber parties and picnics are your all-time favorite activities.

My sweet daughter, you bring such joy into our lives!
We love you so very much and we are so proud of our polite little lady.
Next year will be a great adventure as you start formal school,
but we are confidant that you will shine!!
May God bless you my sweet child,
May He shower you graces and mercies from above,
today, tomorrow and forever!!
Happy Birthday Tamlyn Jael!!!

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