Sunday, 5 October 2014

Kids Fruity Fun Spa Day

One of the items on Tamlyn's birthday bucket list was a Spa Day,
so today my friend Janessa (an amazing call-out beautician) 
set up a kid-friendly Spa.

She used natural ingredients and gave Tamlyn a relaxing (and delicious) facial.

We set the scene by covering my massage recliner with a white comforter.
Tamlyn loved being wrapped in the fluffy white towel 
and the cute pink headwrap made it feel like a proper spa experience.

First was the yoghurt cleanser.
Janessa used plain yoghurt with live AB cultures. The yoghurt was just below room temperature.
She applied it using her fingertips, rubbing in small circles. 

Facial pads were used to wipe of the yoghurt cleaners.
Which tasted delicious according to Ethan  ;)

Janessa used mashed strawberry and kiwi fruit as a toner.
These were also applied using her fingertips and wiped of with facial pads moistened with warm water.

Next was a yummy chocolate mask made from melted dark chocolate.

Cucumber slices covered her eyelids while she enjoyed a relaxing foot massage.

Janessa applied mashed bananas as a moisturizer.

Then it was off  to the nail-bar.

This was really easy to set up. All we did was lay out a few bottles of nail polish and nail polish remover.

 That huge smile says it all!!!!

Afterwards, Janessa applied a bit of make up
to complete the special day.

Tamlyn was sooooo excited as she never gets to wear any make up except for lipgloss!

Ethan, of course, didn't want to be left out so he had a mini facial too!!

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