Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Tea Party Table Manners

The Butterballs love our pretend tea parties

so it was no surprise when Tamlyn requested a real tea party
 as part of her Birthday Bucket List activities.

After practicing a lot of the basic table manners during our pretend tea parties, 
I decided to take it up a notch...
think Downton Abbey manners :)

First, the Butterballs got to put on their Sunday Best.

Then I set the table using my favorite china teapot (eeek!!);
  my special espresso cups, 
which were just the right size for the Butterballs little fingers,
and of course a few cute, sweet treats.

I was so nervous about letting the Butterballs handle my best teaset
but they surprised me by being extra careful!

I filled the teapot with a creamy strawberry steamer,
you can find my recipe for it on this post%%%%.

We used mini marshmallows in place of sugar lumps.
1. A good hostess always asks 'one lump or two?' in their best British accent.

2. Stirring of tea should be done without clanking your spoon against the side of your tea cup, 
preferably in a small figure-eight shape.

3. Dab the corners of your mouth delicately with your serviette.

4. Sit correctly with one hand next to your plate and the other on your lap,
no elbows on the table!!

5. Pinkies up!!! Can't forget that one ;)

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