Monday, 8 September 2014

Capturing Childhood - Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping with kids, especially when both are under 5 years old,
is a serious undertaking!!!
A task that would take you 15 minutes, suddenly takes you almost an hour,
and you end up with a trolley full of stuff you don't want!!

Deep down, I know this phase won't last forever,
so today I did what I never thought I would...

I shopped slowly, I let my Butterballs do what they always do, 
without a word of complaint, 
without a glance at my watch,
I simply cruised the aisles with my Butterballs in the trolley,
 while I leisurely picked up what I needed.
(as well as many unexpected items - which mysteriously vanished when we reached the checkout)

The butternut that Ethan chose, traveled along with us all the way to the checkout
(where it mysteriously disappeared!!)

Stopping at the toy department is a must.
 For the love of pink!!

' Ooooo! A racing track?!'

I'm proud to say that we left the shop without a single toy,
and amazingly, without a single tantrum as well!

*sigh*They really are growing up so quickly!

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