Monday, 22 September 2014

Cupcake Fondue

Number 3 on Tamlyn's Birthday Bucket List was cupcake decorating,
which really means : smother cupcakes in frosting and coat in sprinkles!

The Butterballs love of sprinkles is no surprise, considering their mama is a sprinkles addict!!
Sprinkles solve a multitude of problems!! 
Just looking at their pretty colors makes me feel so HAPPY!!! 

So I decided to do a cupcake fondue for my Butterballs -
I baked mini chocolate cupcakes, 
filled little bowls with frosting,
and added an assortment of sprinkles to a paint palette.

The mini cupcakes and little tubs of frosting, limit their sugar intake,

and setting out the sprinkles in a paint palette
 restricts the amount of sprinkles they consume!!
...and looks super cute!

I whipped up a batch of frosting, then separated them to create 5 different colors,
each with their own flavor : bubblegum, blueberry, strawberry, banana and cream-soda

The Butterballs used little forks instead of skewers -
perfect for little fingers and the cupcakes don't accidentally slip off into the frosting!!!

The Butterballs looooved smothering their cupcakes in frosting and sprinkles!!!

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