Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Chocolate playdough Easter Treats

The Butterballs have been in seventh heaven.
Dad bought them an extra large box of assorted Easter choccies.

Butterballs + chocolate = CHAOS

I decided to replace those sweet treats with an equally fun, delicious smelling activity... Chocolate Play dough Treats!!!

I mixed a batch of chocolate playdough using my favorite recipe:

2 cups flour
Half a cup salt
Half a cup Bourneville cocoa
2 tbl cream of Tartar
3 tbl oil
1 cup water

Measure dry ingredients into a pot. Slowly pour in wet ingredients.
Whisk until smooth.
Cook on medium heat.Stir till dough forms a ball.

Knead carefully as dough will be hot. I like adding oil as this prevents the dough from drying out and also gives it a slightly glossy appearance.

Supplies :
Chocolate play dough, fondant flowers or sprinkles (you could also use button and beads), Easter themed chocolate molds.

The Butterballs spent a few minutes just exploring the texture of the play dough.They enjoyed rolling and squeezing it.

And they totally loved the smell!!!
'Mmmm, Chocolate!!' exclaimed a happy Ethan.

At last, the Butterballs were ready to begin with their chocolate molds.
I coated the inside of each mold with a few drops of oil.
This prevented the dough from sticking to the mold.

The Butterballs carefully pressed the dough into the molds.
 Tamlyn decided to try out the bunny mold first.
All it took was a light tap to remove the bunny from the mold.

Now for the decorating...
The Butterballs simply pressed the flowers gently into the dough.

Tamlyn also tried the egg-shaped mold. 
She carefully pressed both halves together to form her egg.

Ethan preferred to make his own eggs without the mold and just rolled a few balls of dough, then covered them in candy flowers.

Surprisingly, he didn't try to eat the flowers (or the dough) even though they were edible!

Decorating is such serious business!

The Butterballs had a blast.
End result...good enough to eat!!

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