Saturday, 8 March 2014

Butterfly Learning - Role Play Fun

The Butterballs have read The Hungry Caterpillar so many times
- they practical know the story by-heart.
They totally loved this weeks caterpillar activities!!
So we decided to do one last caterpillar activity -
 the Caterpillar Crawl.

Actually it was more of a wriggle than a crawl ;)
They loop-crawled across the floor,
then quickly squirmed and wriggled their way through the caterpillar tunnel.
What fun!!

Time to move on...

I showed the Butterballs this clip from you-tube
 which taught them all about how the caterpillar emerges from the chrysalis


We decided on a quick role-play activity:
a Butterfly emerging from its chrysalis

Equipment: toilet paper

The Butterballs had turns wrapping each other into a toilet paper chrysalis.
Then they wriggled and giggled and stretched out their wings to tear through their chrysalis

Messy, crazy fun!!!

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