Thursday, 20 March 2014

Butterfly art - Symmetry Painting

Today, the Butterballs are all geared up for some serious painting!
This was our first attempt at symmetry painting so they were pretty excited!

Paint, paintbrushes and paper butterfly cut-outs

  We tried 2 different techniques:
Technique 1:
Tamlyn painted one side of the butterfly as normal.

After folding the butterfly over, she pressed down firmly onto the outside of the butterfly,
Then opened it carefully...not quite the results we expected.
Ethan tried out the second technique:
slapping on thick blobs of paint

After pressing both wings together,
 he excitedly pulled it apart to reveal a beautiful marbled pattern.

Technique 2 -' Blobs of Paint'
was the winner!
... what do you think?
How would you do symmetry painting with your little ones?

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