Monday, 4 August 2014

Visting the Blue Flag Farm

'Mickey and Donald have a farm, Meska, Mouseka too... '
This song is ringing in my head!
The Butterball have watched this DVD every. single. day. this past week!!!

On the bright side, they learnt a lot about the different farm animals 
and the sounds that they make as well as some of the foods that we get from them.

I figured, if they love watching the farm animals on DVD,
they would LOVE seeing them in real life.
So off to The Blue Flag Farm, we went.

This place is truly amazing!
No stinky paddocks with sad looking animals!

The animals were well-kept and extremely was more like a petting zoo.
There were many animals roaming freely about the farm and the Butterballs got to feed them!!!

 There was a good variety of farm animals, even a tortoise and peacock!

The beautiful playground and quaint farm-style cafe was an added bonus.

I got the Butterballs to stand still for a moment, close their eyes and just listen.
(this was pretty hard to do as they were super hyped about being surrounded by farm animals!)

For the first part of their listening skills activity,
I asked the Butterballs to tell me what animals they could hear.
The Butterballs were able to identify quite a few animals just by the sounds that those animals were making.
They were soooo excited!!!

Part 2 of the listening skills activity required the Butterballs to guess the direction of the sounds,
for example, Tamlyn closed her eyes and after listening carefully to the roosters crowing,
said that the rooster was on the left-side of the farm.
Great for practising left-and-right direction skills. 
Then we set of in that direction to find those animals...and feed them!!!

Feeding the animals was an amazing experience- the Butterballs loved every minute of it!

The Butterballs crowed and lowed and bleated all the way home!

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