Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Frugal Family Fun - Glowstick Party

For this months Frugal Family Fun Activity,
we had an awesome Glowstick Party!!!

This post is really image heavy...
there were so many special moments - I just couldn't choose which ones to share!

We started off with a few Glowstick Games (I love Pinterest!!)

Glowstick Hopscotch

We used a 3 inch Glowstick as our marker. 
This activity was not only fun, the Butterballs got to practice their shape recognition too!

Glowstick Ring Toss
The center pole was a ruler stuck into a blob of playdough. 
I used sticky tape to attach a few glowsticks to the ruler.

Glowstick Catch
Using the connectors that were part of the glowstick set, I assembled a glowstick orb.
The Butterballs tossed, rolled and spun the orb (which created an amazing rainbow effect!)

We also played Glowstick Treasure Hunt. 
I hid 10 glowsticks all over the lounge and the Butterballs had to find each one.
Loads of fun and great for practicing counting skills!

Glowstick Stars

 The Butterballs loved spinning the stars around while they sang 'Twinkle, twinkle, little star'
at the top of their voices!

Dinner time!!
I placed glowstick rings under the dinner plates and around the glasses.
The centerpiece was an old LED fountain light that I found at the back of the closet.

On the menu:
Crumbed chicken.
Roast butternut
Cream-style sweetcorn
mashed potatoes
and garlic bread

peaches and cream for dessert

After dinner, we had a Glowstick Dance Party!!!

But first, Glowstick Dress Up

I found this cool glowstick cap kit and couldn't resist buying it.

It was too large for Ethan's head
(although that didn't stop him from wearing it)
It fitted Dad perfectly!!

Ethan LOVED the Finger Flashlights that he got to wear!

I made a Glowstick Tutu for Tamlyn.
The first tutu was made using the method from
She used duct tape to create a ballerina skirt. Really clever.
Click on the link below for her tutorial.

I don't think my duct tape is as strong as hers because after a few minutes of dancing,
 I had to repair Tamlyn's skirt.
Stopping in the middle of a Dance Party?....Not Good!

So I tried a different approach.
I stuck individual Glowsticks onto Tamlyn's ballerina tutu, using masking tape.

Next time, I'll use washi tape to make it look prettier.
This skirt held up really well, even with the energetic dance moves!!

I added glowsticks to a few balloons
and threaded glowsticks between the Butterballs shoestrings
for some extra glowing fun!

What an amazing  fun-filled evening!!

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