Friday, 13 June 2014

To Ethan, on your Third Birthday

This past year has flown by... my baby boy is now my little man!
The cute curls are growing out (you have your Daddy's hair!)
and the diapers are long gone!
 Thankfully, the cuddles and kisses, the snuggles and hugs, still remain!

During the last year, you have needed me less and less.
I love your independent spirit and your perseverance.
You never give up, even if it means squeezing your toes into sneakers that are a size too small!

I miss your midnight visits - no more cold little toes creeping under the blanket,
no little voice calling out in the dark, 'want you!'
Instead, my heart swells with pride at the sight of you and Tamlyn tucked into bed reading.
Soon you will move to your Big Boy Room.
 I hope that you and Tamlyn continue with your bedtime story-time together!

You have now been in school for six months in Teacher Rose's Grade000 class.

During your first week at school, you unwound an entire roll of toilet paper around all the desks and chairs in your class. Your favourite learning activities are Bicarb-vinegar reactions (explosions)

You have also started attending Sunday School and have learnt 'The Lord's Prayer' by heart.
I am so proud of you!!!!

This year in a nutshell:

* Favorite hang-out    - Jimmy Jungles

* Love animals, sea creatures and bugs.

* When asked where you would like to go too, you answer :
     Ushaka - to see the sharks, turtles and Nemo.
    the farm - to feed the sheep and cows and ride on the pony.

  You also love feeding the fish and ducks at the park and going to the blockyard with Dad.

  You've gotten over your fear of the ocean and love visits to the beach, splash pad and pool.

* Favourite Storybook - The Gingerbread Man.

* Favourite Lullaby - Over in the meadow; Baby, baby, close your lovely eyes.

* Favourite Clothes - biker jacket, takkies...

   You also love wearing shorts; call your pjs 'jimamas' and you wear your sunglasses on your head (like Dad).
  Long-sleeved formal shirts are called 'granddad's shirts' and when you wear a tie, you peek into the mirror and exclaim 'Just like Grandad!'
Wellington boots are for stomping about and killing cockroaches.

* Favourite toys - tool set, mini bobcat, lego and Tamlyn's computer.

* Favourite food - Curry, any curry, especially if it is on Mom or Dad's plate! You hate getting your fingers messed and wipe your hands at least a dozen times during the meal. Cooldrink bottles are still very precious to you-you continue to carry them around from room to room.

* Favourite T.V program - Mickey Mouse ClubHouse and Art Attack (You love to copy Alex the Big Artist and often empty your closet and arrange your clothes across the floor to create 'Big Art'.)

Whenever I bake, you are always in the kitchen. You love to lick the frosting and cake batter, and of course, sample the sprinkles! You call your chef hat 'Muffin Man hat'.

   My darling boy, I love you so very much! Your charming smile and infectious laugh brightens my day. Your sweet hugs and wet kisses never fail to make me feel better. Even your mischief antics have a special place in my heart. You have learnt so much and grown so fast in the past year. I can't wait to see what this year has in store for us.
May God bless you infinitely, my darling son. 
May 'every good and perfect gift from above' be yours,
 just as you are my 'good and perfect gift'!!!
 Happy Birthday, Ethan Micheal!!!!

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